TO:61 | Oren Ambarchi – “Grapes from the Estate”

TO61 - Grapes from the Estate - Oren Ambarchi

CD (deleted) – 4 tracks

Track listing:

1. Corkscrew
2. Girl With The Silver Eyes
3. Remedios The Beauty
4. Stars Aligned, Webs Spun

Oren Ambarchi’s third solo project for Touch [after Suspension and Insulation] sees him reaching beyond the work for electric guitar that he’s become recognised for, expanding his palette and taking his investigations into another sphere entirely. Grapes from the Estate features new instrumentation (strings, tuned bells, percussion and others that can only be guessed at), but the singular and unmistakable influence that Ambarchi exerts on these new materials is what makes it such an indelible work.

There is a reconciliation of his love of song-based music and his determination to deal in pure sound. The result is a work that truly eludes such arbitrary definitions. Grapes From The Estate is an all consuming experience that draws the listener out of an ordinary sense of time, into a world beyond it.