Oren Ambarchi, Mark Fell, Will Guthrie & Sam Shalabi Live in London | 1st September 2016 at The ICA


with Nadah El Shazly

ICA, The Mall, London, September 1st 2016

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A four­way collaboration between experimental heavyweights kicks off proceedings at Masãfãt


Mark Fell has been releasing music since the 1990s, combining his interests in computer­generated sound and dance culture. As one half of snd, he chews up rave rhythms until they were unrecognisable, and as Sensate Focus he turns house music inside out. Oren Ambarchi has a similar destructive approach to familiar musics, using his guitar to contort and mangle harsh noise, glacial minimalism, contemplative signal manipulation, free improvisation, krauty jamming, pummelling drumming and straight­up songwriting.

Ambarchi and Fell are joined by Egyptian­Canadian musician Sam Shalabi, whose work has seen him fuse shaabi, noise, classical and free improvisation; as well as Will Guthrie, an adept improviser who works with everything from traditional percussion to everyday junk.

Collaborating here for the first time, these are four performers that embrace mutating and shifting musical forms – and this performance promises a discombobulating musical experience.

Joining them is Nadah El Shazly, the Cairo­based singer, composer and producer. Her productions and performances display myriad influences, but her disarming voice is always front and centre.